• Women's 3 hour Empowerment and Self Defense Seminar

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    Women's Empowerment and Self Defense Seminar  - Saturday March 26th, 2022 9.30am-12.30pm. This is being held at 224B Weller St, Petaluma Ca.

    This seminar is designed for women who have never tried any form of self defense or martial art. We will cover the most common forms of attacks that women face and give options for dealing with such situations. 

    A women's only session focusing on:

    • Use of Voice, Commands and Situational Awareness
    • Profiles of Attackers
    • Training Aggression
    • Striking and Unarmed Defense
    • Grabs/Bear Hugs/Standing Chokes
    • Chokes on the Ground
    • Anti-Rape Defense
    • Hair Pulls