Our curriculum comes extensively from The International Kapap Federation (IKF), who we are an affiliate of, where all of these techniques are trained and tested in the field by military and LEO's around the world. There are several techniques and principles that are brought in from other Krav Maga orginizations that help round out the Krav Maga Revolution Curriculum.

Gradings and Levels

The KMR Grading System is broken into 8 levels. Upon succesful completion of each Level grading, the student will be awarded a completion certificate and a patch designating their new level. Each level builds upon the last and the student will need to demonstrate a continued progression in all techniques, with the goal of becoming a well-rounded fighter and the skills necessary to deal with any situation.

Before going for your first grading, you should have been training for at least 4 months, so as to have a strong basis in the skills that will be tested for Level 1, along with the endurance gained from training. Gradings happen every 6 months occuring in the Summer and Winter.