The Krav Maga Revolution Story


Krav Maga Revolution was started in 2014 as a way to make Krav Maga more easily accessible. Our goal is to bring the best Krav Maga to Petaluma, the Bay Area and Central Coast. We at Krav Maga Revolution strive to continue our own training in order to bring the most up to date techniques and training methods to our students! Asher Smiley our head instructor traveled to Israel to train further under the instruction of the L.A.N.S. Group, IKF and Combat Krav Maga.

Krav Maga Revolution is about teaching the self-defense that is required to help save your life or the life of someone you care about when an unexpected violent confrontation occurs. As such there is minimal “aerobic” style training with the focus being on techniques that people of any physical level can learn and use immediately. To that end we have made it possible to book and pay for every individual session that you'd like to attend online. There is no direct debit system to worry about - you’re only paying for the sessions you’re going to! But for those of you that know that you will be training often we have a block booking system that brings down the price per session so that you can train hard with out breaking the bank.


A Brief History of Krav Maga


The name Krav Maga comes from the Hebrew meaning 'contact-combat'. This form of hand to hand fighting was created by The Israeli Defense Force(IDF) in 1948. While it is widely accepted outside of Israel that only one man created Krav Maga with in Israel it is believed that several people with in the military helped to create the fighting system. To this day the Krav Maga self defense system continues to evolve to deal with the every evolving world we live in.


Asher Smiley

I first started training in civilian Krav Maga as a student of the Institute Krav Maga, UK (at the time an affiliate of IKMF and then later Krav Maga Global, KMG).  I steadily progressed through their grading system while training with many of the organizations top instructors from around the world until I moved back to my native California. Once back in the United States I started training with Boaz Aviram (A former head of Krav Maga for the IDF) I received my certificate of instruction in Krav Maga while training with Boaz. In the winter of 2017 I traveled to Colorado where I trained with Gabe Cohen, Owner and head instructor of American Krav Maga. Certifying as a Tier 1 instructor in the AKM system. In the Summer of 2017 I traveled to Israel where I had the opportunity to train with two of the top organizations/instructors in the world, The L.A.N.S. Group, IKF and Combat Krav Maga(CKMI), Amit Himelstein and Lior Offenbach along with many of their instructor team. Completing the 7 day tactical seminar and passing the 8 day CKMI instructor course.